Make The Mark, LLC

Make The Mark, LLC


Paul C Beyer – Nebraska CCW Instructor

When it comes to defense, every situation is completely different and will require different skills that all work together.  We don’t want to get focused in on training in only one area. We are more likely to be in a car accident or die early from heart disease than getting shot.  Many situations will only require good situational awareness or verbal de-escalation skills. Others could require some basic medical knowledge to save a life.

If your loved one was needing defense from a threat or some sort of emergency medical care, who would you want to be their first responder for help?  What kind of skills would you want that first responder to have? The ambulance and law enforcement could be too far away. That makes you that person.  Thinking about that hard truth, what kind of topics do you need to train for? (Shooting, Martial Arts, Medical, Physical Fitness, Etc.)

Make the Mark (MtM) stands for many different things. With all the above mentioned thoughts in mind, we want to make (hit) the mark that we are aiming for in any of those areas in life.  We also want to keep making (setting) the mark higher so we know what goals to reach for. Ultimately, we will never be absolutely perfect at everything so this allows us to keep striving to be better and better our entire life without ever stopping. The shield represents defense for ourselves and others along with also representing the armor of God as mentioned in Ephesians 6.  The “t” in the MtM logo represents the cross and is above the others to represent Christ over everything.


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